We welcome you to our world of “Pirate” sailing on the Knysna Lagoon!

As a child I was fascinated with stories about pirates and how they sailed the high seas searching for treasures and the stories of the swashbuckling sailors and captains of the ships! 

Here is our story of hardship and adventure of the high seas before venturing into this amazing family business in Knysna… a tale with a twist!

“Each man in life has his own style, each man has his own story to tell – never ever judge a pirate….“


Meet Captain Fish and Crew Mad-Matt of the Knysna Pirate Ship 

Captain Fish and Mad-Matt met in May 2019 in the Caribbean when they joined Captain Ready (a reckless sailor and sly navigator) on a voyage from BVI to Spain onboard his private ship.

The wind & seas were whispering in the adventurous Captain Ready’s ears about the mysteries of Greece and he decided to sail his ship to the Mediterranean. He contacted Captain Fish (First Mate, Engineer) as he had a natural love for ships, seas, storms and had a good relationship with engines, equipment and very occasionally catching fish. They needed crew for the Trans-Atlantic crossing. 

A fellow mate from the village of Knysna asked Captain Ready to take his son “Mad-Matt” along to become a salty seadog.  Captain Ready declined as the young man did not have enough experience for such a long voyage.  Young Mad-Matt was determined to join the ship and booked  his flight to the BVI. He hid behind some diesel drums onboard and waited for night to fall. The next morning, he opened his eyes, his face turned white as he was face to face with a furious Captain Ready whom had a sarcastic laugh informing him “no smoking/ no- rum drinking onboard my ship”!   He soon learned his punishment for having “ventured” where he should not was to become the “watch-doctor” during daylight/nightlight! Captain Ready was playing real mean….

 Weeks passed and he learned how to fight with swords and all kinds of combat & sailing techniques, table manners, secrets of life – both captains took particular care to train the young man – the training included waking Mad-Matt with a bright shining torch in his sleepy eyes at night to get him up and about for his watch!

The sea had no mercy and soon they were becalmed – with no ships on the horizon nor any opportunities to hijack diesel and with limited patience, limited charts, a huge urge to search for treasures they reluctantly turned towards the Islands located in the “Bermuda-triangle” . A few days later they were heading towards the islands of Azores – and the adventures of the high seas begins …. Loads of headwinds, many battles with the elements, much longing for home, lots of courage but also many memorable fun times. … the ship soon became the most “feared” on the Trans-Atlantic passage. When they reached Spain and Captain Fish had to return home, the seed had been sewn and he was inspired to have his own Pirate Ship one day.

As the adventures of the fearful Captain Ready began in the Med, and with several battles behind them it was time for Mad-Matt to return home to heal his wounds after a few full moons out at sea.

In the meantime, and during a brilliantly full moon night off Hout Bay in the stormy Indian Ocean Captain Fish captured the ship “Zamani” and started a family operation in the Knysna lagoon (he trusted no one else!)  Mad-Matt earned Captains Fish’s trust and respect and was appointed a position as the deckhand onboard the Knysna Pirate Ship while Captain Ready captured his blond “Islander” girl to continue his battles in Greece. 


Captain Colin Forster

The only way to describe Captain Forster is as a much respected sea dog with many many-many sea miles under his belt and with the scars to prove it.  Colin established himself as well-known skipper and renowned amongst sailors world-wide. He doesn’t turn back for hats or kids!!!!

Each captain onboard the Knysna Pirate Ship has his own story to tell.

Captain Grobbelaar 

A skipper with his own style and loves using the words  “arrrr” and “avast”.

Renier is a sailing instructor by profession. He delivers yachts worldwide with lots of sea miles under his belt. You are in good hands!  He is also the only captain that can open a beer with his lighter. You want to be his friend : )