Explore The Knysna Lagoon on an authentic

pirate ship

Zamani, the Black Pearl

Zamani is a beautiful wooden Ketch sailboat with all the essentials and comfort . The Knysna Pirate Ship is all about having fun and special moments with your loved ones. We knew Knysna will fall in love with her, she belongs here.

– Rika and Kevin Fouche

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime aboard the Knysna Pirate Ship!  Join us in search of undiscovered treasure on the Knysna Lagoon. A ship was the most important thing a pirate could own, not only providing transport but also offering freedom. The Knysna Pirate Ship offers exactly that, the freedom to discover whatever you are wanting or willing to be and see…

Join our captain and mates as we take you on a fun journey back in time where you can almost imagine Blackbeard by your side.  Zamani, the Black Pearl was built at Praslin Island (Seychelles) in 1968.

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A Knysna Lagoon Pirate Ship Adventure

Sail on the Knysna lagoon and experience the natural beauty of Knysna and it's marine life. Book a 90 min excursion on the Knysna Pirate Ship, were we sail from the Knysna Waterfront out to the Knysna Heads. With ample time to laze in the sun and to take in the breathtaking scenery and surrounds.

Knysna Private Charters

Book a Private Sailing Charter with us to treat your team, celebrate a birthday, or to spoil your loved one with an exquisite romantic sunset experience. We can take a maximum of 12 people per charter or function, or celebration. Speak to our team about your requirements.

Explore The HEADS

Make sure you bring your camera or smartphone! Our cruise provides excellent photo opportunities of the magnificent Knysna Heads, and the beautiful Knysna lagoon and surrounds.

birthday parties onboard

Book the yacht for a birthday party, function or even a a small wedding. We can arrange face painting, catering and a range of other fun activities. 
For Kiddies birthday fun -The crew can engage with willing participants in pirate training, sword fighting, water gun battles and treasure hunts.


A Cats Life

Many pirates considered felines, particularly black ones, bringers of good fortune and often take them aboard a vessel as a result. They were also very useful at controlling the quantity of rodents on board.

…and a Bottle of Rum

The pirate’s drink of choice was grog, a mixture of rum, water, lemon juice, and sugar. Sounds like the recipe for a fantastic weekend.

So Literal

The English word “pirate” is derived from the Latin term “pirata” which means sailor or sea robber and from the Greek word “peirates” which literally means “one who attacks ships.”

Why the Eye?

The real reason for eye patches was so that one eye would remain constantly adjusted to darkness, which made it easier to fight below deck when boarding ships.